Surveillance of an individual will include daily phone contact updates to Client, a written summary, a detailed timeline report and video of activities (as opportunities arise). When you hire an investigator, you are hiring "experience". You are paying for the "process" of investigation, not the outcome. Experience is critical to any investigation as it increases the potential for a successful outcome. Experience makes the difference.

When a case is developing in the field, information obtained visually and verbally by the investigators is often used to develop background and profile records of individuals, property and or vehicles associated with the case. Ongoing research is routinely engaged during the course of an investigation. Most information obtained during surveillance is base on the investigator's observations of the individual while they move through "public" areas or when the investigator has a viewing vantage point of the target from a public area. Investigators do not enter private property with the exception of public access areas to private property. Opportunities to witness drug buys and or other activities of a target will take place from public property. The experience of an investigator increases awareness of how to take "creative" advantage of opportunities that arise in each scenario.
It must be understood by the Client that success is never guaranteed as the inherent nature of the investigation is indeed the process of attempting to follow and gather information of the target of the investigation. Human behavior insures ever changing circumstance resulting in unanticipated movement, action and interaction with the world around each target as they move through time and space while engaging in daily activities. Once again, the investigator's level of experience is vital to the proper interpretation of the target's movement and interaction with the world around them and will increase the chance of obtaining evidence in any case.
Investigators are bound by confidential laws such as in the patient; physician or attorney client privileged relationship. A field investigator uses discretion when revealing to law enforcement, observed criminal activity that has been observed during a surveillance investigation. This is always subject to the desire of the Client and finale consideration and decision of the principle of the detective agency, with the exception of an immediate and immanent life threatening situation that may develop in the field.
Regarding special instructions and course of action. Once a DACO staff investigator receives specific details from a Client regarding a case, we routinely develop a "game plan" that should reasonably control the budget without jeapordizing an investigation. This includes choosing appropriate (known identifiable information, habits, best time and best days) "scenario" to conduct surveillance so as to hopefully choose a more likely "window of opportunity" to observe activities relevant to a case.

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